Corinna Gurita

Corinna is an experienced, accredited somato psychotherapist, who has spent over 10 years focusing on relationships and family trauma. Corinna's has a degree in psychology and her postgraduate training is in Integrative Psychotherapy and NLP.
Her approach incorporates many models, including the mindfulness based approach. She works closely with people experiencing a wide range of mental health problems from Trauma, Grief and Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Family Dynamics, Stress, Addiction, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence to Eating Disorders and Identity crisis.

She spent several years living in India and Thailand, working and training in ashrams and healing retreats, focusing on Ancestorial Trauma and Family Constellations.
Her approach is personalised by using Intuitive Meridians Reading programme and Integrative Energy Healing. At the moment she's studying Chinese medicine and Acupuncture, continuing her studies in Cranio sacral Osteopathy.