Dr Gráinne Turley-Gibson

 A Senior Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in working with
young people, families and adults; and has expertise in assessing and treating those who have experienced trauma and emotional difficulties. Dr Gráinne Turley achieved a BSc in Psychology at University College Dublin. She then completed an MSc in Human
Neuroscience in Royal Holloway, University of London before completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience (IOPPN),
King’s College London. Dr Turley has worked in both primary, secondary and tertiary mental health services in both adult and young people services, both in the community and inpatient settings.

She previously worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist at the National and Specialist CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) Service at the Maudsley Hospital (NHS), providing therapy for young people and families and worked in this service 2015- 2022, having worked in the NHS in London for 12 years (2010-2022).
Grainne currently runs her own private practice ‘Therapy with Grainne” and has done since 2017, in May of 2022, Grainne moved her practice from London to Ireland. She continues to see UK clients online. She specialises in providing evidence based effective therapies, DBT
dialectical behaviour therapy and trauma-focused interventions (pro-longed exposure) for people who experience complex trauma, dissociative experiences, and emotional dysregulation. Dr Turley mainly uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical
behaviour therapy (DBT), mindfulness approaches and other trauma-based models (DBT- Complex PTSD, Prolonged Exposure). Dr Turley- Gibson has a keen interest in the mind-body connection and integrates body-based therapies, such as techniques from sensorimotor
therapy to support healing from mental distress. She is also a qualified yoga therapist; Yoga therapy is an innovative mind-body approach to promoting the body’s natural healing mechanism by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and allows people to tap into
the wisdom of their bodies. Yoga therapy is a combination of talking, breath practices and movement.
Dr Turley provides teaching on the assessment and treatment of adolescent mental health difficulties on undergraduate, MSc level and Doctorate level of Clinical Psychology Courses (DClinPsy) at the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, King’s College
London. She also supervised DClinPsy clinical placements. She regularly provides training to other professionals within and outside of the NHS. Training
BA Psychology, University College Dublin 2006-2009
Master of Science – Human Neuroscience, Royal Holloway University of London 2010-2010
Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health, Middlesex University London 2011-2011
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Kings College London 2013-2016
 Yoga and Mindfulness for CAMHS, 4 day training, Special Yoga Centre, 2013
 Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Foundation course, 8 weeks, 2015

 Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Training (DBT); Foundation course
British Isles DBT Training, 5 days, 2015
 Clinical Supervision, Kings College London, IOPPN, 3 days, 2017
 DBT PTSD; Complex Trauma and Childhood sexual abuse Training
Martin Bohus in collaboration with British Isles, 3 days, 2017
 Radically open (RO) DBT; Foundation, Tom Lynch in collaboration with the
British Isles 10 days (5 days in May and 5 days in October), 2018
 Understanding Complex Post traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) in the ICD 11
Conference ; Complex trauma British Psychological Society, 1 day, 2018
 Trauma and Dissociation Conference Dr Nuri Gene Cos, 1 day 2018 (Attended and
 Yoga Therapy Course, Minded Institute, 2 1/2years (550 hours), Qualified 2020
 4 day DBT PE (Prolonged exposure) Melanie Harned, British Isles, July 2020
 1 day Discharging clients from DBT, Christine Dunkley, British Isles, July 2020