Jo Segrave-Daly MH IR

I’m a Master Medical Herbalist, Iridologist and Vital Nutritionist accredited by The Irish Association
of Master Medical Herbalists.

How could medical herbalism help you?
A Medical Herbalist is a professional practitioner who uses natural medicines, within a holistic approach, to achieve the health goals of their patients.
This holistic approach addresses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of those who come for care, its emphasis is on the individual by tailoring herbal medicine and treatment plans to each persons needs.
It is a therapeutic approach too that engages your innate ability to self heal, held in a managed care plan, and to take ownership of your healing process. As my patient you will be active in your healing,
not passive taking medicine alone. This way your illness can be seen as an opportunity for self-discovery and improvement as you move through it, you become a resource for your longer term health, your illness is not simply bad luck.
Medical Herbalism is not just for illness, it is for preventative care also, herbs are tonics for life to energise and balance you. Herbal tonics tone and strengthen organs and they move and cleanse the
systems of both our energetic and physical body. 
You may see me to optimise your healthy living targets and benefit from my vital nutrition advice also.
Iridology is a natural diagnostic using your iris picture to assess where medicinal, nutritional and therapeutic support is best focused. This is part of your consultation with me.
Conditions commonly treated include stress & anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, IBS, urinary infections, kidney disease, respiratory illness, reflux, menopause and infertility.
I am happy to arrange a 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have about Medical Herbalism and how it can benefit you.
Call 089 270 5451
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